Supratarka Activities


「高校生地球市民会議」を無事開催 "Global Communication for High School Students 2022" was held successfully.

9月25日(日)に「2022年 高校生地球市民会議」を無事開催しました。

We've held "Global Communication for High School Students 2022" on September 25th successfully.
Participants from different countries gathered on a screen and discussed together.

テーマ:「この問題どう解決したらいいですか? 知恵を貸してください!」

Theme: “How can I solve this problem? Please share your wisdom!”
              (Let's share ideas about Earth-friendly things that each of us are concerned about.)

期 日:2022年9月25日(日) September 25th (Sun) 日本時間14:00 - 17:00

参加者:各国の高校生 High School Students (15 - 18 years old)

Nationality: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Egypt, India, Korea

会 場:各家庭 from home


At this time, participants were working on SNS(LINE) with words in advance.
Participants are divided into 3 groups, and introduced themselves and exchange topics of daily life and also discuss together according to the theme on SNS.
After that, we had the plenary session.
This time, instead of summarizing the discussion, we decided to introduce each other's thoughts on environmental issues. In that sense, the discussion was not very much focused on a certain topic.


二酸化炭素を削減する行動をしたらポイントがもらえる仕組みを作ったらどうか? (例えば、公共交通機関を利用したりエコバッグを利用したら、ポイントがもらえるなど。)

マレーシアでは、「No Plastic Monday」がある。


Here are some of the discussions:

<Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions>
The increase in carbon dioxide also affects the oceans, causing "ocean acidification." As a countermeasure, why not relocate the factory and keep it away from the sea?
How about introducing a “carbon tax”?
I think developed countries should take more responsibility because they emit a lot.
What we can do is plant trees and increase greenery in order to absorb carbon dioxide.
We can make a system where we can get "points" if we act to reduce carbon dioxide. (For example, if we use public transportation or use eco bags, we can get points.)

<about the problem of plastic waste>
We should appeal more to big companies.
In Malaysia, there is "No Plastic Monday".
I hope that biodegradable plastics will spread quickly.

<about garbage problems>
The mask is not easily disassembled. Then we better use disposable masks and reusable masks rationally.